Automatic Water Stills from 1/2 GPH to 10 GPH


Still  water distiller  for commercial water distillation and distilled waterProduces distilled water that is:
  • Pyrogen Free
  • Less than 2 PPM total solids
  • More than 2 Megohm/CM Resistivity
Because you need distilled water of the highest purity. Water Distillers Water Stills perform automatically to produce pyrogen-free water with a single distillation under controlled conditions. Exclusive design features at critical points in the operating cycle prevent impurities from getting into the distillate.

Water Distillers Automatic Water Stills produce distilled water purer than the standards set by the United States Pharmacopoeia for injectable water.

There's a Water Distillers Water Still for most applications with capacities from 1/2 to 10 gallons per hour. For over fifty years educational, industrial, and governmental laboratories and production facilities have been depending on these stills to control water purity.

    commercial water distiller: still water distiller
  • Clear Glass Cover ... for observation
  • Removable Cover ... quick access for maintenance
  • Triple Vapor Baffle ... stops entrained water particles
  • Tin Condenser System ... for purity
  • Feed Water Flow Regulator ... steady flow of water
  • Easy maintenance ... simplified design, quality of parts
  • Descaler ... keeps boiling chamber impurities as a sludge
  • Wall Mounted ... saves counter space
  • Thermostatic Cutout Control ... on Models 181 E & F, 777EL

Water Distillers